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LUKRUM HUB it’s a USA Corporation with capacity of bring solutions for worldwide business owners with strategic partners presence in more than 20 countries. Given us ability to serve our clients in Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

About Us

Lukrum, Inc is a Texas Corporation. A combined group of entrepreneurs and professionals, integrated in the vision of providing a comprehensive business solution to international entrepreneurs, seeking to expand and manage their businesses in the United States of America. With LUKRUM you can find all your business solutions in one place.

We offer comprehensive advice and support in all areas for business development in the US, guaranteeing efficiency in the use of resources, congregating efforts in a common goal.


Raised a global culture of integrated efforts, based on trust and reliability of our strategic partners.


Help our Strategic Partners to generate sustainable and reliable results through the creation of a synergy of efforts, pursuing a common goal of improving and expand their business in USA.


Strategic Partners



In the business world, efficient information management and specific knowledge minimize learning costs. LUKRUM HUB, through its strategic partners, offers you the possibility of complementing a diagnosis that identifies and marks the necessary and correct steps, minimizing compliance errors or omissions that mean learning costs. Our diagnosis guarantees you to know your needs step by step, facilitating decision-making and managing the correct times.

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Finding your business solutions in one place represents an efficient management of your financial resources, which is one of the most critical factors in your startup process.

The philosophy of the LUKRUM HUB professional team is to configure a concept of Entity, where all its integral parts concentrate their strengths and efforts in the pursuit of the same goal.

Your satisfaction is our premise


Lukrum HUB is made up of businessmen and professionals with extensive experience and experience in the specific areas that every company needs.

Our Value Proposition is the accompaniment and face-to-face support in the search for solutions for your company.

Your growth and expansion project will find in one place the solutions at every step in the pursuit of your business goals.

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